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So Me and Ben and Meg
went to the park
because we are amazing.

This is my friend Ben the Sloth.

Ben likes to climb trees

Ben is magical

and somehow flies from tree to tree.

Olivia has cool shorts that she got for three dolla

Sometimes, Ben likes to make people blind.

This is Olivia... blind...

But Ben feels bad for making Olivia blind...

and sweeping her off her feet... literally...

So he finds Meg

And gets her to use her IN-JUN crotch powers to heal Olivia


but surely...

These powers take over Olivia's body...

and bring her...

Back to full health!

Then Olivia hops on her boat and sails away.

Unaware of the rough seas ahead.

Ben, realizing there is danger afoot

Dashes off to a tree to sound the warning call.

Meg hears this desparate cry

And rushes to use her IN-JUN powers

To settle the waves.

And plants Olivia, safely up in a tree.

And then they all went to the rodeo!

And it was good.

And Meg, the only IN-JUN that can't climb...

Found herself the perfect tree.

After all the excitement was good and done...

The three friends went down to the water
and cheered on the sun as she set.

The End.
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