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carry the night

10 May
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A Perfect Circle. Against Me! Ani Difranco. Anti Flag. At The Drive In. Babes in Toyland. Bad Religion. Beck. Bikini Kill. Billy Talent. Bjork. Blind Melon. Blonde Redhead. Bob Marley. Bouncing Souls. Cat Stevens. Dancehall Crashers. David Bowie. Decahedron. Dexy's Midnight Runners. Dresden Dolls. Fleetwood Mac. Foo Fighters. Franz Ferdinand. Frou Frou. Garbage. Harvey Danger. Hello Goodbye. Horrorpops. Icarus Line. Incubus. Jack Johnson. Kathleen Hanna. Kidney Thieves. Kill Hannah. Le Tigre. Lukali. Madeline. Mighty Mighty Bostones. Mindless Self Indulgence. Miss Kittin. Modest Mouse. Nine Inch Nails. No Doubt. None More Black. P J Harvey. Peaches. Pigface. Pink Floyd. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Rise Against. Sahara Hotnights. Simon and Garfunkle. Skinny Puppy. Sleater Kinney. Sparta. SPICE GIRLS. Sublime. Suoixie and the Banshees. Tegan and Sara. The Beatles. The Bouncing Souls. The Code. The Cure. The Distillers. The Eyeliners. The Gits. The Pixies. The Postal Service. The Sugarcaubes, Tom Waits. Tool. True North. Tsunami Bomb. TV On The Radio. Violent Femmes. Ween. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Zero 7.